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Municipal Policy

Policy is often the most neglected part of municipal duties. No surprise really, they can be a drag to do! We are here to help! 

Our customized policy manuals include the following policy templates: 

General Policies:

  1. Equal Opportunity Policy

  2. Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

  3. Work Accessibility Policy

  4. Drug-Free Workplace Policy

  5. Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

  6. Freedom of Information and Public Privacy Policy

Employment Policies:

  1. Recruitment and Hiring Policy

  2. Onboarding and Orientation Policy

  3. Employee Development Policy

  4. Performance Review Policy

  5. Work Hours and Attendance Policy

  6. Remote Work Policy

  7. Progressive Discipline Policy

  8. Discipline and Termination Appeal Policy

  9. Termination and Resignation Policy

... and many, many more!

Policy example.PNG

Are your policies outdated?

We can help! We offer "DIY" policy manual templates, and fully customized manuals. Contact us if you are interested in policy work, or have further questions.

Thanks for submitting!

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