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  • CED Development Plan

    Every month
    +CA$150 Set up fee.
    Perfect for communities with populations under 500.
    • An annual strategic plan
    • An implementation plan
    • Notification for upcoming grants
    • Grant writing support
    • Free attendance to webinars for one staff
    • Monthly progress report
  • CED Development Plan II

    Every month
    Ideal for small communities with big plans!
    Valid for 12 months
    • An annual strategic plan
    • Project management support
    • Grant sourcing and grant writing support
    • Free webinars for up to 2 staff
    • Monthly progress report
    • Monthly newsletter
    • On call services
    • Annual Council orientation
    • Asset Management support
  • CED Development Plan III

    Every month
    This is like having a half time Economic Development Officer for your Community!
    • Annual strategic plan
    • Annual implementation plan
    • Grant sourcing and grant writing for all projects
    • Meeting facilitation on-site
    • Council training
    • Asset management
    • Operations Manual
    • Updated Policy Manual
    • Unlimited access to our training for up to 4 staff
    • Council training
  • CED Plan IV

    Every month
    This plan allows you to set up your plan, and then hire someone locally to carry on.
    • Annual updated strategic plan
    • Community Engagement Plan
    • Community Marketing Plan
    • Business Retention and Expansion Initiative
    • Asset Management
    • Grant Sourcing and Writing
    • On Call Support
    • Council Training and Support
    • Administrative Training and Support
    • Mentorship for in house staff
    • Policy Development and Updates
    • Conflict Management
    • Marketing Materials
    • Content Creation
    • Asset Management and Support
    • EDO recruitment support
    • EDO training and support.
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