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Our 3rd Annual Bursary Program is now accepting applications! Please see the information below, and reach out to Anna at or call 306-575-8330 if you have any questions!

Click here to download the application form.

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2022 Matthewson & Co. Bursary Recipients

Kyle Bye winner.jpg
Jesse Szwaluk winner.jpg

2021 Matthewson & Co. Bursary Recipients

Jennifer Dann Winner.jpeg

Pictured left is Jennifer Dann, winner of our first annual "Matthewson & Co. Non-Traditional Student Bursary" award. Jennifer is originally from the Cowessess First Nation and is currently studying at the College of Law at U of S with the goal of becoming a lawyer, practicing employment and labour law, human rights law, and Indigenous law. Congratulations, Jennifer!

"I am extremely grateful to receive this grant funding for my education. Post-secondary education can be expensive, and law school is no different. I work full-time in the summer months to help save up money for tuition and my books. Student loans only cover a portion of my education expenses so this funding will take some financial stress off my family and allow me to put more towards my education without putting too much strain on my family. This funding also encourages me to continue working towards my goals. When I have completed my education, I hope to help support students as well because I believe education is important for our future and financial strain can be an obstacle to someone completing their education. It is important to support each other." - Jennifer Dann

Avara Taralson Winner.jpeg

Pictured left is Avara Taralson Schaupmeyer winner of Matthewson & Co.'s first annual "Post Secondary Student" Bursary. Avara graduated from high school this June and is heading off to the University of Alberta where she will major in linguistics and minor in psychology with a goal of obtaining her masters in speech-language pathology from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, and purse a career as a speech therapist who aids in language acquisition and development in children. Congratulations, Avara!

"I am immeasurably grateful to Matthewson & Co., not only for providing me specifically with this monetary support, but also in general for providing this opportunity to rural students in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, and for continuing to do so in the upcoming years. Quite unjustly, oftentimes the disparity between the successful and the unsuccessful does not correspond to the disparity between the talented and untalented, driven and undriven, or intelligent and unintelligent; rather it is the reflection of the disparity between those with opportunities, and those without. It can be very difficult to attain the resources needed to learn and grow by pursuing higher education, especially in rural areas. This is why community support is so incredibly impactful and important. Scholarships and Bursaries, such as the Matthewson & Co. "Post-Secondary Student" Bursary, provide prospective students such as myself who, simply by an orchestration of fate would otherwise be without the means, the ability to pursue education for careers that allow us to create fulfilling and happy lives for ourselves, and enable us to give back to and enrich these indescribably valuable communities. I am so incredibly honoured to be this year's recipient of the Matthewson & Co. "Post-Secondary Student" Bursary; this support will truly be an immense aid to me as I pursue my studies, as it will help alleviate the massive financial burden that comes with receiving post-secondary education, making it actually possible for me to go. Thank you infinite fold to Matthewson & Co.!" - Avara Taralson Schaupmeyer

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