Nice Things People Say...
We work with the nicest people. Here are some of the things they've told us...

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"Having Lorri as a mentor has been a tremendous opportunity as I began my journey into economic development. Her knowledge, experience and life lessons helped to make the material relatable and easier to understand. I wasn't afraid to ask questions or get clarification, and she always answered any question I had. When the training period ended, I felt more knowledgeable knowing what Economic Development was. I am looking forward to the end of Covid when I can put some of these lessons to good use in group settings. I feel supported and excited for future opportunities and I am grateful to have Lorri Matthewson as a mentor."

~ Eric Forster, Economic Development Officer, Melita, and Area.

"I joined the "Grant Writing for Small Populations" webinar and was very impressed with the content and how it was presented. Lorri knows her stuff and it shows! I'm looking forward to applying everything I've learned and working with her in the future." ~
Melissa Brunel

"I found this Webinar [Grant Writing: How to] to be very informative and enjoyed the openness towards questions and comments."
~ Amanda Cox

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"The topics covered are very applicable to municipal governance, and small group sizes makes it easy to engage in conversations. It is nice when things are kept at a simple yet efficient level." ~ Becky Carr, RM of Turtle River

"Webinar training on Grant Writing was very informative in discussing the preparation through planning, identifying the projects, searching for grants and writing the grant. Lorri huge tremendous knowledge and experience and she shared this openly.
Thank you!" ~ Silvia Virgilio, Town of Cupar

"The Municipality of Two Borders has utilized a few of Lorri Matthewson's services working under her company Matthewson & Co. The Municipality of Two Borders had Matthewson & Co. assist with Strategic Planning and a grant application for Asset Management, and a training webinar on Grant Writing.

Matthewson & Co. has demonstrated knowledge and expertise in all of our sessions and training that the Municipality has utilized.

I want to take the time to thank Matthewson & Co. for their expertise and would not hesitate to recommend them for any of the many services and training that they have available.

You will not be disappointed." ~ Grace Carr, Municipality of Two Borders

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"Lorri worked with our team to help us create a new supported employment service model. She led us in training and development through everything from philosophy to procedure. All the members of our team found ourselves excited, inspired, and always looking forward to the next training session. During our training sessions, we felt free to ask any questions, we had very candid and thought-provoking discussions, and we gained insight and confidence in moving forward with our service delivery. Lorri started our as our trainer and consultant but very quickly became a mentor whom we trust, respect, and recommend whole-heartedly. Thank you Lorri and Anna for all your support!" ~ Candice Francis, Manager, Employment Services, Challenge Disability Resource Group, Yukon

"Lorri and Anna made this concept quick and easy to address. The quick session was easy to fit into my workday with the recorded session. Lorri highlights key points very well and addresses questions comprehensively with a logical approach. I very much appreciate Lorri's insights and feedback on small community challenges and solutions." ~ Jan Sylvestre, Muenster

"Lorri presented the material in a clear and easy to understand way. It spoke volumes to a small town municipality like ours." ~ Lucie Maynard, RM of Stuartburn