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Our Services


Our services are based on your community's needs, determined by your leadership and the people that live there. Please have a look, and consider this list a starting point for discussion.  We can arrange to meet with you on Zoom, Teams, or in person. We work within your budget to provide: 

1. Council Training:

Our training can be customized to suit your Council's needs. Our general Council training includes: Roles and responsibilities of Council, roles and responsibilities of Administrators, roles of Ombudsman, legislation, agendas, board packages, confidentiality, in-camera sessions, bylaws, duty of loyalty, essential policies, and community engagement. Although we would much rather see your faces in person, Zoom training is also an option.

2. Asset Management:

We help communities to meet their legislated requirements.  From the funding process to facilitating the plan, we work with communities to get your asset management plans up to date. 

3. Strategic Planning: 

From a DIY webinar that helps you to do it yourself to a fully facilitated process, we support strategic planning as a process. Strategic planning creates a way for people to move their plans forward. 

4. Community Engagement Plans:

Leadership that represents the community includes the community in the decision-making. Progress municipalities build community engagement into their day-to-day operations. 

5. Project Management: 

We support communities taking on large projects and help them through the process from applying for funding to procuring engineering, project oversite, progress reports and whatever other supports are needed to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible. 

6. Grant Writing: 

From sourcing the grant to writing the grant or just helping you to write the grant through webinar-based training, we are on hand to help you find the money. We are also doing our best to keep a list of relevant grants on this website. 

7. Community Economic Development Supports: 

This set of services includes all of the above and several other services specific to economic development, delivered in a way that best suits your budget. Starting with a strategic plan, we develop objectives and goals to meet those objectives and then provide all the support necessary to help move your community along. It is like having a community economic development officer without creating a full-time position. This set of services is perfect for those small population communities that don't have the resources to hire someone full-time but know they are missing out on economic development opportunities. 

and more! Give us a call today!

This is our office. We are located at 100-106 Carlyle, Saskatchewan. 
We are also able to meet and work with you virtually, and are pleased to roll out a host of training and supports you can access from this website. 
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Why Work With Matthewson & Co. ?

We understand small populations. We developed our services specifically for small communities. 

There are many wonderful supports available, and we are happy to direct you to them! We use these resources ourselves. Sometimes, there is just not enough time in the day to seek them all out. We can help. 

We are affordable, accessible, and willing to work closely with you to help you as needed, without any long-term commitment. Our goal is to build sustainability, not dependency on our services. 

We are used to working within the parameters of a small population with limited budgets and conflicting goals.  We have experience working with non-profit boards and with small businesses. Need something and cannot find it? Let us source it for you.


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