We now have the dates set for our second set of webinars this year. Click here for a full list of Matthewson & Co. webinars. Each session costs $50+GST OR purchase all 5 webinars for $200+GST (save $50.00). Click here to sign up for all 5 webinars.

1. Friday, May 20th @ 10 AM CST. 10 Essential Policies for Municipal Administrators.

If you are an RM or small town administrator, there is a good chance your policies are outdated! Join us for examples of the most important policies!

2. Wednesday, May 25th @ 10 AM CST. 10 Ways to Engage your Community.

The days when Council and administration work without community engagement are gone! Even in the smallest communities, councils are expected to engage with the people who live in the community. Learn how, in this fun, interactive webinar!

3. Friday, May 27th @ 10 AM CST. Volunteer Recruitment & Retention.

If you live in a small population community, you know how important it is to have a strong volunteer base. Join us to learn how to support your volunteer sector.

4. Thursday, June 23rd @ 10 AM CST. The "One Hour Meeting."

This webinar is to support administrators, Councils, non-profits, and volunteer committees to streamline their meetings. Effective meeting management saves us time to do other things. Learn how!

5. Thursday, June 30th @ 10 AM CST. 10 Things you need to know as a Municipal Employer.

This webinar is aimed at Council and administration who find themselves in the position of "employers" for staff.

Invoices available upon request.

Questions? Email Anna @ abeaulieutsp@outlook.com

I'm sold out!

I'm sold out!