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"Surviving the Municipal Election Season: Tips for CAOs and Administrators in Saskatchewan"

This fall is election time in Saskatchewan. The election process itself is a challenge, where one person often takes on the duties of a whole team of staff, because she or he IS the whole team! There are legal compliance issues to consider, and staff time is particularly precious. It is going to be terrifically busy.

And then, there is the community engagement part. Getting the local people to care enough to show up and vote, working with the local paper to make sure those running for Council are letting people know what they are going to do for them...this is a government after all, and municipal governments have the same expectation of the security and integrity for the process with none of the resources.

So here you have this administrator (Ethel) who turned her world upside down to support an election, where people become her boss, have no idea what her job is, and no idea what their job is, and they start the day after election day. This happens every 4 years.

Poor Ethel!!

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Prepare people who are planning to run for Council by giving them a one pager of the most important points when they come in to pick up their paperwork. Also include and review the Code of Ethics.

  2. Book Council training for as soon as possible after the election.

  3. Keep on hand your updated policies.

  4. Be very clear about your role.

  5. Remember you are a leader.

  6. Call us if we can help!!

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